Friday, 21 October 2011

Fazeley Junction.

We cruised along on beautiful sunshine, in fact it was just like a summers day on Thursday. Stopped off at Sutton Road bridge where Sainsbury’s was within walking distance from the canal. One of Duncan Bannatyne’s Health Clubs (he of Dragons Den)was en-route, but we didn’t go in. We get all the exercise we need for free doing locks and walking everywhere. After a snack aboard we carried on to turn left from the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal onto the Coventry Canal and moored up a little further along.

IMG_0123_B76    IMG_0106 Crane sawmill

I left Oakfield moored all on her tod and went to explore. There is a huge crane in the timber yard nearby and many large oak tree trunks waiting to be manoeuvred ready for sawing up.

IMG_0115     IMG_0112

Canalside is Tolson’s Mill which was built in 1883 and BW were working on replacing the stone edging along here. Looking back through Watling Street Bridge is the old Junction Toll House which is now lived in.

IMG_0105 Tolsons Mils B1883Another view of this impressive mill.

IMG_0108 B1854

This lovely chapel was built in 1854 with lovely brick patterning, beside the canal bridge

This is the view from the Toll House, the chapel is hidden behind the new house which is part of the new development stretching all along Peels Wharf.

IMG_0120 Fazeley Junction old newHere is the old and new together, a great deal of new dwellings have sprung up all around Fazeley, but there are very few shops here. To the left is a large busy industrial estate covering quite a few acres.

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Anonymous said...

My dad used to holiday at the toll house in the 1920s and 30s.