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IMG_0175 spoilheap   IMG_0173 Pooley Pithead Wheel

Cruising past Pooley Fields Heritage Centre we saw a monument atop the large spoil heap and the large coal pithead wheel which are part of the heritage trail.

IMG_0178 Pooley Farmhouse former Chapel A little further on we passed Pooley Hall, Farmhouse and former Chapel which are all now private residences.

IMG_0165 Pooley Hall c1509    IMG_0166 canalside poem

Pooley Hall was built c1509 and the whole group here are Grade two listed buildings. This lovely canal-side poem on a copper cut-out of a coal miner was written by Raymond Hendy.

Memories of Pooley Mine.

I stood and watched as they pulled it down,

The blackened gear head of Pooley Mine,

The big black wheels rock and stumble,

And part of history began to crumble,

Locked in this twisted steel,

Were memories of men and coal,

Who gave their sweat and blood

To hew the coal that lay below.

I stood and watched them cap the shaft,

And thoughts went deep below,

like some blackened hand with fingers

Burrowed deep into my soul,

Gone this once proud mine.

We thought the poem was rather beautifully written and worthy of sharing with you.

IMG_0170 Abbey Gateway 15c

This is the 15th century Abbey gatehouse which has been restored and is occupied.

IMG_0169    IMG_0168 Polesworth Abbey Church

Walking through the gateway and down the drive the Abbey Church comes in to view.

IMG_0172 Nethercote School

It is a shame that this old school building in the town centre is not in use. We popped into the busy little P.O. Stores, there was also a Green Grocers opposite and a Fish and Chip shop around the corner. Returning over the River Anker bridge we were commenting how clear the water was when we saw a couple of large brown rats. There riverside existence must suit them as their fur was lovely and shiny.

2011_10_25_0875 -1

And on the other side of the bridge there was someone shouting “Look at me”

2011_10_25_0881 -1

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