Saturday, 15 October 2011

Fradley Folk.

IMG_0073 Mel Edwards,Fendermaker MBEThursday night is Folk Night at The Swan Inn and everyone is welcome especially if they can play music or sing. I was keen to go but Bottle wasn’t, so we agreed to go and have a drink and stay for an hour. We met up with James from nb Marquis and sat at the bar, then the musicians began to trickle in.  There were eight of them eventually, 4 guitars, various whistles, 2 accordions, a concertina, Irish Pipes, a Hurdy-gurdy, Bodrum, and a Greek Bouzouki.  They took it in turns to lead with one of their own choice of folksongs and everyone joined in. It turned out to be such a great friendly evening that we stayed until it ended.

IMG_0078 Greek Bouzouki    IMG_0074 Pipes

We had a walk down to see if Jan was on board nb HUFF ‘N’PUFF and met her walking her little dog Bernie, so she came and joined us for a cup of tea.

IMG_0083 BernieBernie seemed to like my rag rug and was very well behaved while we had a long chat. We met up with them for a couple of drinks in the evening at The Swan, it was good to catch up with our canal exploits during the year.

IMG_0086 below Fradley JunctionWe were asked to go for coffee with them which we did. Although their boat is eight years old it looks as good as new, it’s amazing.  Jan kindly made hot bacon rolls with egg and mushrooms for us all which was absolutely delicious. After lunch we all walked Bernie and ended up on Oakfield chatting over an alcoholic bevy. Graham had us in stitches telling us all about his childhood inventions and miss-haps, what a lad he was!

Well, time has just flown past while we have been here and we have enjoyed every minute!

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