Friday, 30 September 2011

Family visit.

IMG_0033 duck siesta time

On Monday we had a lovely surprise visit from our daughter. She had asked our grandson what he would like to do that day and he had replied,’Grampy, boat’, so that is what they did. Luckily we weren’t in the middle of nowhere and there was a road quite nearby. Travelling is made so much easier with the aid of Sat-nav too. It was a beautifully sunny day so Grampy was able to take him toddling down to the tunnel where the towpath runs under the bridge. He seems to be fascinated by bridges and tunnels at the moment. On the way back he was galloping sideways and said,’ I’m a Kangaroo’! He understands so much and is able to delight us with these funny little comments occasionally.  I cooked lunch on board and we played and read many, many books until he dropped off to sleep on the rag rug. Then it was time for a nice relaxing cup of tea. It was so nice chatting and catching with what we had all been up to, but it also tired us out.

IMG_0001 Teddesley Wharf

On the move again we called in at Teddesley Wharf  for a £20 pump out, ahhh that’s better! The chap was playing with his Priestman Crane as we pulled in. He was just checking it over as it has to be inspected annually. It has a large chain link cradle attached, don’t think we would like our boat lifted out of the water with no covering over the chains. Then we passed by this house which has twenty solar panels dominating it’s roof, I wonder if that’s enough?

IMG_0004 twenty solar panels

  We have had temperatures of 28* to 29* here at Radford Bank so have been taking it easy. It’s so nice to watch people busy gardening when you no longer have one to tend. Not so nice when they get their lawnmower going though, especially when it sounds like an annoying demented wasp! I’ve had to wait until the boat cooled down in the evening to be able to give it a wash and buff up. Hope you are all able to take advantage of the sunny week ahead, take care out there.

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