Monday, 24 October 2011


The weekend weather turned out much nicer than predicted on the weather forecast, so on Sunday we moved on down.

IMG_0125 Glascote Bottomlock

Up through the two locks at Glascote to fill with water at the top. See how still the water is as there was  no wind whatsoever.

IMG_0128 filling with waterThere were quite a few boats moored in Glascote Basin where S.M. Hudson build their boats.

IMG_0130 Glascote BasinThere have been so many ‘desirable’ canal-side housing estates sprouting up absolutely everywhere. Soon our towns and cities will all be joined up together.

IMG_0133 St Edithas tamworth    IMG_0131

We moored up a bit farther on and walked into Tamworth. This is St Edithas which has been built of a mixture of red and yellow sandstone. Opposite was parked this scooter which seemed to be a bit top heavy with mirrors and lights!

IMG_0142    IMG_0141

The footpath into town through the parkland is very well marked. The ducks and geese on the River Anker are bulging with bread as they were continually being fed. We strolled around Anker Shopping Centre, but many of the shops were closed. However Wetherspoons was open so we popped in for a lovely leisurely roast lunch with a couple of pints all for £13.80, fantastic value. There was also a shopping centre called Ventura but we were too tired to walk that far.

IMG_0135 Tamworth Castle

Strolling back through the park we saw Tamworth Castle on it’s mound and this Knight at the entrance which was cleverly constructed from red and green House Leeks.

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