Monday, 3 October 2011

Tixall Walkabout.

IMG_0004 Tixall Sunset    IMG_0003

Tixall Wide is so called because it is like a lake and boats are able to turn around here quite easily. This was the lovely liquid gold sunset view from our side doors on our first evening here. The sun was up early on Saturday so we walked up to Bridge 108 and along a track onto the Tixall Road to get a closer look at the gatehouse. We emerged by Tixall Farm which is now all in residential use. Opposite here was this delightful little Bottle Lodge.

IMG_0007 Tixall Bottle Lodge    IMG_0004

So called because of it's unusual shape and built around 1575 on the old driveway from Tixall Hall  which was demolished in 1928. It looked lived in, with a very pretty garden complete with satellite dish in the flower border.

IMG_0014 Tixall GatehouseWe then made our way along the grass verge of the busy little road to the gatehouse which is a grade 1 Listed Building. When chatting to the couple on nb George they told us that they had holidayed there and it was a Landmark Trust property. Apparently a roof terrace spreads between the four turrets at the top. How nice to view the surrounding countryside from up there and to recline there in the evening with a glass of wine watching the stars come out.

IMG_0015 Tixall Church    IMG_0022

A bit further on we came to the church which is beautifully kept. Fortunately it was open so we strolled inside to take a few photos. There were many hand stitched hassocks on display along the pews.

IMG_0025We liked the spiral stone steps that led up into the pulpit…

IMG_0023  …and the carved wooden spread eagle lectern.

There was a produce sale on in the little village hall so I popped in and came out with a few home made goodies, perfick! There was an old wood turner selling his wares which I admired but didn’t buy because space is a bit limited on a boat. We came back along the canal which made a long circular walk back, so we were ready for a drink by then.

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