Sunday, 30 May 2010

Saturday Crick


My first port of call was the Cotswold Canal stand where they had a box of second hand books, so I picked up a few bargains there. The good ship ‘Lady Lydia’ was passing by, complete with amusing crew and a talking seagull! After a good browse around the show I concluded that there wasn’t quite so many traders or show boats attending. Bottle left at 8.30 to help Fernwood who had a steady flow of people all day through ‘Gone Bush’ and many more quizzing him about all things narrowboaty. I supplied them with hot drinks, boat cake and ginger cake to keep them all going on a cool showery day.

IMG_0004I popped back to the boat with my books and to charge up our batteries for an hour. Next door GC was sitting on his stern wondering if he should get his paws wet.


After our toad in the hole, we headed towards the beer tent for the evening. We joined John and Jill from nb Phoenix and the Cotswold Canal volunteers at their table, then later Graham and Jane came along. Well the band was exceptionally entertaining. They were ‘Dr Busker and the Revolting Peasants’ who sang a variety of folksy songs brilliantly accompanied by an electric accordion, drums and all kinds of improvised weird instruments. The audience knew when a break was coming up as they began singing ‘more beer, more beer, more beer’ and went off to fill their tankards. Anyway, the later it got the nortier the lyrics seemed to became and everyone began laughing, clapping and letting really their hair down (well those who had hair). At the end the lyrics were so norty that everyone was rolling around laughing and enjoying themselves, it was a thoroughly good evening.


Anonymous said...

Just to say it was good to meet you both on Sunday at the Crick show while we waited to view Nb Gone Bush.

Lisa said...

Dear Ann,
David and I would like to thank you very much for making your narrowboat available for us to look at on Sunday. Oakfield is charming. We went ahead and booked a slot with Fernwood for two years hence. Hope to see you afloat in the years to come.
Lisa & David Carr