Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Cruising on from Crick

IMG_0006 Yelvertoft tapAs we were up early and the sun was shining we decided to move off, so we donned our warm gear against the cold wind whilst cruising. We saw our first heron and baby Canada geese today. Whilst we were filling up with water at Yelvertoft we saw this beautiful cottage go gliding past. We passed under a duel carriageway where the traffic had ground to a crawl, slower than us anyway. Farther on we spotted nb Tranquility  basking on the side and a quick hoot on the Klaxon brought Betty rushing out in her pyjamas for a wave. We had planned to moor and explore North Kilworth village but the only moorings that were available had dredgings of soft deep mud on them! So we carried on and stopped just after Husbands Bosworth Tunnel.

IMG_0022 Husbands Bosworth Tunnel Soon afterwards nb Tranquility emerged out of the darkness to join us. When we had finished our snack we collected a lot of dried wood and sawed it up for later. Then we walked up around the village which was very quiet with only one pub and a tiny hairdressers shop. The towpath here was rather high up and we were in a shady cutting so we opted to move on to a sunnier spot with some armcove (?) to attach ourselves to. It’s been a funny old day, although the sky was deep blue with white fluffy clouds, someone kept turning the sun on and off.

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JR said...

Hi Wozie
It's Armco barrier - damned good stuff to moor to with hooky things!