Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Sunday Crick

Bottle went off to help with Fernwood’s viewings of ‘Gone Bush’ from 8-6. I stayed on board to tidy things up and showed two couples around our boat. Thanks for your kind comments left on the blog Mark and Corrine, David and Lisa, it was nice to chat to you all and to enable you to pick up some ideas for the fit out of your future narrow boats. It is also nice to hear that several people read our blog and it makes it more interesting for us to read your feedback. I had a wander around the show and spent my ‘pocket money’ on a leather hat to keep the rain off me glasses and kept Bottle supplied with refreshments.

IMG_0001 nb Gone BushThe weather was a bit better as it was brighter, but was a little too windy for some of the tents! In the evening we joined John and Jill over in the marquee for the quiz which was quite fun. Then the disco started and we were joined by Ray and Sue, (nb Moment in Time) later followed by Graham and Jane. We left when the ‘music’ crept up to such a pitch that it made our ears throb and we could only communicate using sign language. We walked back over with Ray and Sue for coffee and chocolates and had a conducted tour of their lovely new boat. It is absolutely stunning inside and out, with many useful space saving ideas. Kevin the Seagull came cruising past us in good cheer, in his other boat, which was a Gondolier.

IMG_0006Monday Crick.

Bottle scuttled off early to help set things up ready for the last day of the show. I went over to the beer tent at lunchtime for the Canal Forum members banter.

IMG_0008 Dr Bradley and Peter RDr Bradley (nb Dr Bradley’s Linctus) and Peter R ( nb Andante)were chatting with Graham and Jane. John from nb Epiphany popped in briefly to say hello followed by James and Amy (nb Lucky Duck)

IMG_0009 Amy and JamesThey had been splashing the cash on paint and a new front fender for their boat. It was nice to meet you all but it would have been nicer if Bottle could have come too, but he was far too busy and couldn’t tear himself away. We met Mike and Gerry (nb Tubs) who were over for their day out. In the afternoon Graham and Betty came to our boat with large box containing their new calorifier pushed on a trolley that came free with it. We sat on the towpath for coffee and cake to make sure it didn’t wander off on it’s own!  IMG_0017 Betty and GrahamThe show finished at 5pm, everything was neatly packed away, the tent was dismantled and all packed safely into the big van.  We said our goodbyes to Graham and Jan (nb Huff ‘n’ Puff), Bev and Alan (nb Gone Bush) and Ken and Julia, I think we are all rather tired after a very long weekend. Geoff (nb Green Matters) had to travel back to Essex so he came over to Oakfield for a break before setting off on the long journey home.

IMG_0025 Geof Keith Graham Here are the exhausted ‘A’ team who very much enjoyed working together. We had a very late dinner aboard, then onto nb Alnwick for a farewell coffee. We also sampled their Alnwick Rum which was so delicious that we just had to try it a second time.

Tuesday Crick

Alnwick left early so we quickly slipped into their place to moor next to the towpath again.

IMG_0024 Ray and Sue came on board for coffee, cake and a chat and to look around the interior of our boat, before setting off back towards their marina. It is fascinating to see that every fit out by Fernwood is unique because they always design each boat to suit the customers requirements. So, it’s a bit of a tradition to have a look around each others boats and spot the differences.

IMG_0018 Ray and SueAfter seeing them off we wandered up to the PO Stores in the rain for a few necessary supplies. You won’t believe this, Graham and Betty returned from making good use of their bus passes to Northampton and called in and finished off all our cake!

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