Thursday, 6 May 2010

Wild about life

We left Braunston and went up the locks with Tranquillity, sadly leaving Piston Broke behind.

We continued uneventfully through the tunnel, with no on-coming boats and moored just outside. A quiet night but this morning…… I opened the side hatch  to be greeted by two Muntjac deer looking at me across the canal.


Later whilst talking, on the tow-path, it was noticed that something was in the water between our boat and the piling, lots of splashing. It was a young Squirrel, I offered it the boat pole and it clung on.


We thought it would just scamper away but the water was running of it and it was obviously exhausted. It just gently slipped of the pole.

We got a towel and gently dried it and then let it rest still in the towel, it eventually recovered enough to get itself out of the towel and rest under some twigs.


Whether it will survive we will never know but we did give it a chance.

After all that excitement we moved onto Norton Junction and turned left towards Foxton.


life afloat on nb tickety boo said...

Lovely photos, heres hoping the little squirrel survives. I saved a Magpie from the cut last week. It had been attacked by a Moorhen, I can only imagine the Magpie had been trying to pinch her eggs, the ferocity of the attack was amazing.Sadly the magpie died, I would never have thought a little moorhen could see a Magpie off!

Del and Al said...

ahhhhh great pics, hope the little felow makes it.

Woie said...

Hello Debbie, We like Moorhens as they are quiet illusive little birds most of the time. It just goes to show what they are capable of when they are defending their offspring.

Hello Del and Al, We read all your blogs and enjoy your lovely photos too. The poor baby squirrel was cold, wet and absolutely exhausted and shrieked when Bottle gently dried him off in the towel. We heard a response from the trees and thought it maybe the mum calling it. He maybe OK, or lunch for another animal.