Saturday, 29 May 2010

The Crazy Gang.

Nb Moment in Time arrived so we helped them in, then we moved Oakfield back to breast up on the outside of them. After our snack lunch we heard a whistle blow announcing the arrival of President and Kildare. This made GC prick his ears up as it was a familiar sound to him when he used to be a Railway Cat. So, Graham took him out to watch them manoeuvring the boat and butty into the marina. IMG_0011Expertly done of course even with all the gongoozlers watching. We went over to the showground to help the Fernwood gang prepare nb Gone Bush ready for the show. Julia, Jan and Al worked inside, while Graham, Ken and Keith polished the paintwork outside. Del and I rubbed up the brass work until it was gleaming brightly. It’s funny how females just get on with things, but men need to be well oiled with beer for any action! Some of the gang deserted us for the lovely Heartwood boat next door to look around, but mainly because they had more beer than us I suspect! When all was done we popped back to our boat to top the batteries up, then returned to eat an al fresco meal prepared by Graham, Jan and Julia which was very enjoyable. The gang packed everything away and we moseyed over to the evenings entertainment laid on in the beer tent. We spent the evening catching up with Mr and Mrs Baldock , Graham and Jane, eating chips and more beers. We walked back for coffee on Alnwick and then to bed after a very exciting, but exhausting day.

IMG_0024IMG_0023Del is ideal for reaching all those parts I couldn’t reach on the roof, as he is tall and has longer arms. 

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