Saturday, 29 May 2010

Welford to Crick.

We cruised along cooking cakes and finishing off our cleaning on the way, luvly jubly. If you fancy a bit of ‘Attitude’ this maybe just the boat for you as it is up for sale! The smart painting on the side is of a skateboarding Bart Simpson.

IMG_0015We also spied this little beauty lurking in a rusty corrugated iron shed. It is obviously still earning it’s keep mowing the grass in a little canal side orchard at Yelvertoft.

IMG_0022 YelvertoftWhen we arrived at Crick there had to be a shuffling around of boats as everyone seemed to be in everyone else's allotted spot. Soon after mooring up GC (the Ginger Cat) came  along on nb Alnwick and we helped him tie up, then he popped in for a snack with us and GC tiptoed in to check us out. I went off to the village in search of milk. On returning Graham and Betty had smelt the coffee, followed by Del and Al. Good job we got everything ready before we arrived here, although the boat looks like it’s been to a wedding as it is all covered in May Blossom now.

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