Friday, 7 May 2010

Norton Junction to Crick

IMG_0007 It was delightful mooring in the cutting above Braunston Tunnel as the birdsong echoed all around and the fresh new green leaves were adding some welcome spring colour.

IMG_0020 At Norton Junction we saw this little living wagon in the garden of the cottage where we turned left and moored in another fairly quiet spot. We set off this morning after coffee and were first in the queue for Watford Locks so we went straight up to use the services at the top. Once clear of the buzz of the traffic we were back into the lovely lush countryside. Unfortunately it became rather windy as we approached to turn into Crick Marina for a pump out, so that was fun. Bottle did well and managed to manoeuvre us around without hitting anything. Luckily we have good signals here for all the electrical gadgets and with the fire alight we are thawing out.


Dave Winter said...

Lovely picture of Oakfield.Hope you are both well.Just hope it warms up a bit for you.

Wozie said...

Hello Dave, We are fine, although Bottle thinks he may be getting a cold. How are you coping, are you still looking round for your ideal boat and dreaming?
We don't mind the cold or rain, it's the wind we don't like much.
Take care, nice to hear from you.
Byeee for now

Dave Winter said...

Hi Wozie,
I'm still caring but it does get traumatic at times.
Yes still dreaming and looking.Not sure if I want an all electric like yours now,too much worrying about the battery charge I think.
Love your blog and pictures.
Take care,