Thursday, 27 May 2010

Foxton to the Welford Arm

After reversing to fill our tank with water, we then set off for Welford doing the cleaning and coffee en route. After mooring up and a snack we meandered off up the Welford Arm, well more of a finger really, as it is only 1 3/4 miles long.

IMG_0019 Welford JunctionWe saw Canada Geese with their five growing goslings and plenty of wild flowers. The Hawthorn or May trees were covered in blossom and created a sort of white corridor along the side of the canal. We photographed plenty of wildflowers sheep and horses. A pair of swans also visited us with their cygnets. Just before the shallow lock there are the remains of a little rustic lift bridge which was used for farm wagons to cross over the canal.

IMG_0042At Welford Wharf there are the remains of some red brick lime kilns. The useful information boards describe how the lime was burnt in the kilns using coal. The end product was used in fertilisers, insecticides, in building supplies and various other things. I remember my father saying that he used it to make mortar and lime wash houses inside and out in the past. I like this picture of the local baker in the early 1900’s, he made pork pies and cooked the villagers Sunday roasts for 1d.

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