Sunday, 23 May 2010


This being Sunday and a day of rest, smile_wink we have just taken it easy and been ‘gongoozlers’ for a day.

This boat was unbelievably slow going through the locks, it was obviously brand new, they pushed it away from the sides when ever it seemed it would touch. The metalwork on the back we think was for a motor-bike and to top that, there was a barbecue, lit, sitting on the gas locker.


Do not think I would want that stern coming towards my boat.

In the arm that goes to the Inclined Plain there are hundreds, maybe thousands of small fish but there is also one big one(that we saw).


Back on the boat for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Moving to Crick Show over the next few days, have a mooring booked, so if you see us do say hello.

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