Friday, 21 May 2010

Movers and Shakers.

Today has been rather hot so after doing our boaty chores and washing the cool side of the boat we shook a leg and went whoming about. The breeze has been blowing the fluffy seeds from the Crack Willow hereabouts, giving the illusion that it has been snowing. As we strolled through the ‘snow storm’ we felt like we were in one of those water filled Christmas domes we had as children. You shook them and the snow swirled around inside, do you know the ones I mean? It seems that we cannot pass go, Bridge 61, without stopping for sustenance, sitting in the sun, people watching around the Foxton Basin. The Matts family form the hub of the Wharf as they run the shop, cafe, Bridge 61 pub, the trip boat ‘Vagabond’ and generally keep the whole area shipshape. It is also the home of Foxton Boat Services.


There is plenty of seating outside overlooking the canal basin or in the shady garden

IMG_0001 Bridge  61

This is the view from the interior with the windows slid back, cool eh? very often there is a singer with his acoustic guitar in the bar, today he was singing in the garden with the birds.

IMG_0006 Moorhen nestOn our walk along to the village we saw this Moorhen sitting on her nest, I expect she was rather warm. We didn’t know that Moorhens are good at climbing trees, hope the babies are good at jumping!


Anonymous said...

I also hope the moorhen chicks are adept at great falls! On 'Idyllic River Diary' tonight all 6 chicks perished following a 15 ft fall.
Hope yours are lower?

Wozie said...

Yes,this nest has only about a 2' drop so they should be OK Sue.