Monday, 10 May 2010

Crick Walkabout

Yesterday we walked up to The Red Lion in the village for roast dinner which was served piping hot with fresh vegetables. Their portions are just right and very reasonably priced too. They start serving food at 12, so we thought we would be early, but when we walked in at 12.10pm the place was almost full! Not surprising really as it is a very welcoming, homely little place with low ceilings and open fireplaces. There are three pubs and two useful shops, a Post Office Store and The Co-op. We sauntered around the lanes to discover that there used to be many thatched cottages which have been either tiled or sport corrugated roofing now. Quite a few still remain in their picturesque thatch though, including the pub.

IMG_0001  Today we washed the boat, had Graham and Betty in for  a farewell coffee, then decided to walk along the canal up to ‘Cracks Hill’. On reaching the top there was an obelisk informing us that this is a glacial outcrop. A large metal beacon which can be filled with wood and set alight stands nearby. There are lovely views across to Crick and Yelvertoft and their marinas. Crick has 270 moorings and Yelvertoft advertises 150 spaces initially, although it looked much larger by comparison and work is still ongoing.

IMG_0006 Crick from Cracks HillThis is Crick from Crack’s Hill, we have discovered many delightful footpaths between the canal and the village around the fields. We passed Crick Millennium Wood, a 2.5 acre enclosure on the hillside with a wide variety of trees planted by the local people. On returning to the boat I cooked lunch and did the washing, then we relaxed for the rest of the evening doing our own things.

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