Sunday, 2 May 2010


IMG_0006This was the view from our 48 hour mooring spot and as our time was up we practiced reversing back past the junction, round the corner via the services to moor by Bridge 90 onto a 14 day place. We needed to be near the road as we are awaiting a diesel leak to be fixed. The reversing went well as no other boats came past and luckily the wind had dropped too. Paul and Lynne came by for coffee and Paul flung himself on his hands and knees to look under our chair. No, he wasn’t throwing a wobbly as we thought, but later explained that his swivel chair had collapsed and he was pondering buying two new ones. Having health and safety instilled in us all by Big Brother we spotted some fluorescent tennis balls in the local shop. These are now atop our mooring pins to warn walkers of a possible trip hazard.

Saturday morning started with us having breakfast whilst listening to our weekly fix of ‘Sounds of the Sixties’ on radio2 with Brian Mathew. Then it was on the bus passes to Daventry to forage for food to stock up the freezer and fridge. Bottle made bread and Betty and Graham came to share some drink and nibbles.

Today the winter weather has returned so we have lit the fire again. We saw that a man had somehow fallen into the canal from his boat moored on the service point wondering how to get out. Then some  bright spark lowered a chair into the water and he climbed out on that. Happy Birthday Betty, thanks for inviting us round to celebrate with coffee and cakes. We climbed the up the hill to The Old Plough Inn for roast lunch, and pudding, which was as delicious as usual. This afternoon I have made Boat Cake and the gang are coming round to help us eat it tomorrow.


abfab said...

Sounds a nice day. What is boatcake? Trudy

bottle said...

Hi Trudy

'Boatcake', is just a fruitcake, that can be prepared and cooked in about 1hr and 20mins, it got its name from one of the first times that, Piston Broke, Tranquillity and we got 'iced in' at Christmas.
Piston Broke invited us all aboard and the cake appeared. We all now make it in turn.

owen said...

Spotted the very bright yellow tennis balls on our way past to the Ashby, (Saturday evening I think) - thought it looked an excellent idea so have made a memo to self to keep an eye open for cheap tennis balls in our local discount shopes! :)