Friday, 1 May 2015


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There were a few spots of rain when we set off, which got worse as we approached Enslow Wharf to get fuel. With two boats moored on the service point I jumped over to an old pontoon and we secured Oakfield at a jaunty angle. The search for someone to serve us was futile, until I found a chap busy in the woodworking shop. He kindly phoned two chaps but no answer, so we thanked him and moved on. By the time nb Inca arrived there, someone had turned up to work, but the fuel was 95p per litre, Gary was not amused! We waited at Bakers lock and I lit the fire because I was so cold and wet. Soon we were both down the lock and belting it down the River Cherwell.

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I rang Maffi to ask if there was mooring space for two boats, he was not up, so I said stick yer head out of the window and have a look. A answer came back that we could moor outside the boat Inn, perfick. I jumped ship to open Shipton Weir Lock for us then Carolyn and I walked along to raise the lift bridge. Soon we were approaching Thrupp Bridge and Maffi was kindly operating it for us, what a welcome! Then we all retired to Annies Tea Room to warm up with hot drinks and homemade cake. The evening was spent enjoying a meal together in the Boat Inn, what could be better? Next evening we were invited aboard the good ship Bones for drinks and nibbles and much hilarity. Boots ate his enormous treat, then promptly stretched out on his couch and slept through it all! The skeleton crew were left on board while we made the most of our time out gallivanting. We always enjoy mooring at Thrupp.

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