Saturday, 2 May 2015

Thrupp 2.

IMG_9000    IMG_9002 Thrupp    IMG_9003

The Boat Inn had a bright new colourful sign and just up the road there were some Alpacas in an orchard, sunbathing. I just like that superior look they down their nose that they give you. We have also met a few boaters who do the same! There had been just one more visit to Annie's Tea Room where we had tea with Bones and Steve, who is Marriane’s husband, owners of the tea room. Some very interesting subjects were discussed while their dog Wallace reclined quietly in the middle of the floor.

IMG_9001   IMG_9004    IMG_9015

There are always plenty of boaters, walkers and older folks coming by car to sample the delicious homemade fare that is made in their little kitchen at the back. Thursday’s are special as there is usually 20% off. Anyway, as our 48 hours were up and having said our goodbyes, we cruised on down.

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