Monday, 18 May 2015

Hungerford Antiques.

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A boat had just left the town moorings and a lady on a small boat kindly moved along to allow us to moor there. Hungerford is an extremely busy place traffic wise and it all goes via the bridge and one main high street. Anyway we set off to explore the town and half way up on the left we found this fabulous Antique Shop with all kinds of interesting things beautifully presented. Wooden ladders are a rarity today, my family were carpenters and turned the rungs on a lathe to make their own ladders. They were much heavier to manoeuvre than the Aluminium ones too.

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On the opposite side of the street was a narrow alleyway with an upstairs overhang. It opened out into a cobbled yard where 400 horses would have been fed, watered and rested overnight from their days travel. At the same time their riders also rested in the Greyhound Inn lifting a tankard or two before bedtime. All this was back in the time of ‘Good Queen Bess’.

IMG_0088  IMG_0085  IMG_0089 Granary

The railway crosses the man street about half way up on a splendid green bridge with gold lettering ‘GWR 1862’ There was a Tesco and a Co-op for those boaters who were in need of supplies. We could sometimes hear the town clock striking from down on our mooring by an old Granary.

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