Wednesday, 13 May 2015


IMG_2068 Monkey Marsh Lock Thatcham IMG_0006 IMG_0010

Another early start for us having heard the Cuckoo here as well..Two swing bridges and three locks later near Thatcham we entered Monkey Marsh Lock which has a turf sided chamber. This takes ages to fill as the water spills over into the plants each side.  En-route we saw a Water vole on the off-side of the canal which was good. Once through two swing bridges and four locks saw us along at Newbury where we moored on the edge of the beautiful Victoria Park with it’s circular boating lake.

IMG_0008.IMG_0012a IMG_0013

Opposite was the old Wharf where the Kennet and Avon Canal have their Tea Shop and information centre. A trip boat turned up to take visitors/tourists for a cruise along the canal. There were masses of Swans, Ducks and Pigeons on both sides being overfed from dawn until dusk by everyone with huge quantities of bread, ugh.

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Angela said...

Gosh you're licking along!
We found between Reading n Devizes hard work due to all the locks n swing bridges and couldn't always moor up when we wanted to as lots of overgrown banks.
Croft on is a nice mooring and All Cannings.
A xxoo