Tuesday, 12 May 2015


IMG_2074 Tyle Mill Services SAM_0358 IMG_2078a

Next day we set off at 8ish and stopped at Tyle Mill Services, along with another boat which looked to be permanently moored there! The Moorhen and Ducks were enjoying a bit of sunshine here.

SAM_0357   SAM_0359 Padworth Locka   SAM_0361 Aldermaston Lock

Some of the locks are quite deep and most of the paddles create strong washes into the lock chambers. Padworth Lock has a nice old milestone beside it. So, we had covered eleven miles since Reading. There were numerous ‘gongoozlers’ around Aldermaston lock all eager to ask so many questions. Why do they feel the need to do this everywhere we go? We then passed through some dark heavily wooded areas. Anyway five locks and three swing bridges later we arrived at Woolhampton Lock. We took it in turns to rev up our engines, both Beta 43’s, to get through the swing bridge and run the gauntlet of the strong cross current of the River Kennet to enter the lock.

SAM_0363 SAM_0365 SAM_0366 Woolhampton Lock

We then moored above it and sat out on the towpath with some bubbly drink to help us unwind discussing the events of the day together.

SAM_0367  SAM_0369 Woolhampton  SAM_0370 Row Barge Inn

Carolyn and i walked Hamish down past The Rowbarge Inn, then along to the little shop in the village for some meat pies for dinner. The Cabin Boy said what excellent pies they were, high praise indeed coming from him!


Gary Carolyn said...

You can't beat the roar of a beta 44... I meant 43 of course ...

Linda said...

Beautiful photos.