Thursday, 7 May 2015

River Thames.

SAM_0291 Clifton Lock SAM_0292 SAM_0304

By the time we arrived at Clifton Lock the weather had turned dull and cloudy with light rain. Onwards under Clifton Bridge, Not long after this we were bothe overtaken by this giant plastic cruiser called ‘Mystique’ who was in a hurry. Wonder how much fuel he is using to the mile?

SAM_0306 Little Witenham Bridge SAM_0311 Shillingford SAM_0320

We were gongoozeled from Little Wittenham Footbridge, then down days Lock by which time we were getting a bit weary. We hadn’t spotted any suitable moorings so had to keep going. Round a sharp bend we passed the fabulous Shillingford Court, then a Tjalk moored up at Shillingford Hotel. We swung around to moor facing upstream to moor there too. Whilst I was tying Oakfield up this woman strolled down, wine in hand and casually asked where we had come from, ‘Oxford’ says I. Then she said did we live aboard and how did we get our mail? I replied ‘yes’ and ‘we don’t get any’. Why do these people feel the need for an inquisition when you are trying to concentrate on mooring up on a fast flowing river! On going up to enquire how much it was to stay overnight we were told £15, but were charged £10 after Carolyn turned on her charm! Dearest mooring cost so far, but we were exhausted and in need of a rest.

SAM_0319 SAM_0324a SAM_0322

So there we go, moored with the wonderful stone arched bridge in the background. The view from the porthole was this lovely boathouse opposite. The chairs came out on the bank and we discussed the events of the day over tea and biscuits, what could be better? As Gary says,’Just the Ticket.’ 


Gary Carolyn said...

Brilliant blog as always !!!!

Helen said...

I've just read your explanation of why you called your boat Oakfield. You didn't happen to know the vicar in Oakfield Road, Croydon, did you? He was my uncle. He lived in the vicarage, big three storey which also, I think, backed onto the railway line.

Anonymous said...

Hello Helen, as there were over 100 houses lining Oakfield Road and we were working full-time, no, we didn't know your uncle.