Thursday, 30 April 2015

Kirtlington Village.

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Carolyn and I walked Hamish about a mile up the winding lane to see what the village had to offer. En-route we caught glimpses of Kirtlington Stone Quarry through the trees. There was a fabulous mix of large country houses, small quaint cottages, two pubs and a small PO Stores with a Cafe adjoining it. Most of the cottages were nicely interspersed around lovely grassy areas.

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The Church was open, so we peeped inside and it seemed very plain and simple. There was a faded wall painting which I thought was of St George slaying the Dragon.The graveyard was rather like a wildlife sanctuary with grassy areas left uncut where wildflowers were thriving. We thought on the whole it was a beautifully laid out village with buses running through from Oxford to Bicester.

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Unfortunately Mill Farm Tea Rooms down by the canal were only opening at weekends, so we missed out on their homemade goodies there, never mind eh.

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