Thursday, 21 May 2015

Leaving Crofton.

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This hired wide beam saw us coming and hastily pulled out in front of us, we had met them the day before and they were not very communicative! Anyway we caught them up when they were in the 502 yards long Bruce Tunnel.

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There is a crumbling plaque on the tunnel mouth and the remains of the chains on the walls which were used to pull boats through. Nb Inca followed us through emerging back out into the bright light the other end. We met a C&RT man who was checking water levels and we told him it was low further down. He told us that the pump they had hired two weeks previously at Crofton had broken down and awaited repair. Meanwhile water was being pumped up from Claverton, expensive water we thought! The wide beam boat was waiting for another to exit the top lock when we arrived at Wooten Rivers, allowing us to tie to the lock landing.

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The Railway buffs had been gathering to photograph this engine back at Crofton and had tipped us off it was coming. Hurrah, we were able to see it from here quite well, how lucky were we? Below the lock was just a dreamy countryside scene with large houses, farms and barns.

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An immaculate red David Brown Tractor was resting with it’s trailer by the orchard. Opposite was a beautiful large barn with a curved corner wall with round openings at the top.

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