Monday, 25 May 2015

Devizes 2.

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Of course the town is best known for it’s brewery where they still use their heavy horses and dray to deliver the beer. There are many interesting old corners around the town too, if you take time seek them out.

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I visited the museum on the Kennet and Avon Canal Wharf and found a couple of interesting photos. One is a barge transporting a cargo of carboys filled with acid considered too dangerous to be taken by train! In the other one an Archimedes Screw is being used to lift water up from the canal bed, an amazing device.

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An ornate bill from 1911 and a table of charges for all the various goods carried on the K&A Canal in 1868. A large sack on display, one of many I suspect, that were hired out from the busy Gloucester Docks area.


Ade said...

Enjoying your trip along the K&A with Inca.
Nice pictures to.


Anonymous said...

Thanx Ade, yes we are enjoying the scenery, architecture and wildlife too.