Monday, 4 May 2015

Oxford 3.

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It was very busy down this end of the canal with walkers, cyclists, joggers and tourists. Also quite noisy from the trains being quite so close to the canal. Sunday saw us heading into the city for lunch in Wetherspoon’s ‘Four Candles’ and while we were eating it poured with rain, so the place filled to capacity. Afterwards we headed off for the Ashmolean Museum. There were ancient artefacts, paintings, textiles, statues, coins, and jewellery from all around the world which were beautifully displayed. We managed to peruse several floors, then became too warm and weary to explore the rest of it, maybe next time.

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These are a few of my favourite things. The little item in the centre contained black ink for script writing. The fabulous floral pattern on the round table was made from many different coloured slices of marble and stone.

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We just managed to make it back to the boats before the heavens opened again, how lucky was that? Mmm, scones with jam and cream for tea, yum, yum.

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