Friday, 13 December 2013


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Next morning was misty and very cold indeed, so putting on all our warm clothes we set off for the Napton flight. These locks have a nice safe enclosed winding mechanism which works smoothly. This old Willow Tree has fantastic deeply ridged bark, It reminds me of the Lord of the Rings film. If only we could travel around in trees striding through the countryside! We pulled up in the pound before the last lock all on our own and amazingly two boats came past. These three thought that I had come with their tea, but it said on the gate not to feed them.

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The little shop by the canal was closed, so I went up to the one in the village. The Post Office part had closed, but they say it may open again in January. This house on the corner has many blocked up windows from the days when a tax was paid on how many windows you had. A brave chicken was crossing the road just there, why, only the chicken knows. Outside The Folly Inn there was an enormous Christmas tree adorned with dainty LED lights.

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