Wednesday, 18 December 2013


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A four legged visitor trotted along to see us almost every day, I think she was trying to stowaway with us as her master sometimes forgets to feed her! Mid afternoon we were dazzled by a boat mooring up opposite which turned out to be Derwent 6. After a chat with Del and Al we agreed to meet up in the Boathouse for an evening get together as we hadn’t seen them for quite sometime. We arrived early and found a big table as Maffi and Mary were also joining us. Of course we had all met up before because we all write blogs, except Mary, but she quickly joined in with the merriment and it was lovely to meet her. There was plenty to talk about because we had all been cruising around  different parts of the country. Well, we had a nice relaxed three course meal and rather got carried away chattering about allsorts, not noticing that most of the other diners had disappeared. We all left after very politely being brought back down to earth by being ‘kicked out’. It’s fantastic when we boaters can spontaneously get together like this and one of the great advantages of being continuous cruisers!


Ahhh, that’s better now!

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Mary P said...

Yes, great to meet you too! Here's the link to the trip I told you about...