Friday, 6 December 2013

Dawn and Dusk.

IMG_5090 IMG_5093 IMG_5096

Here we are having had difficulty in pulling Oakfield in to moor because of the breezy conditions. It is such a beautiful wide open landscape on either side of the canal here and where we have many happy memories of being moored with nb Tranquility and nb Piston Broke. The evening sky was clear and full of twinkly stars with a crescent moon, so outside it was rather cold overnight. On waking up early the next morning this was our view from the bedroom porthole, everything was tinged with red.

IMG_5097 IMG_5098 IMG_5099

The sky changed colour quite quickly and the birds were having fun being swirled around as they flew. Our boat was swaying about too, so the Cabin Boy braved the high gusty winds to retrieve our life ring from the water and to tighten our mooring ropes. As he couldn’t do this he doubled up the ropes and nailed them down firmly. So, after listening to the weather forecast and looking out at the waves on the canal we decided to stay put. We award ourselves a rest day of being cosy and warm with the Squirrel for company..


nb piston broke said...

Yes, we remember those happy days!!!!!Missing our pals on the canal especially this time of the year....

Wozie said...

What, no afternoon tea parties with cake, followed on by a drinking session afterwards discussing boats etc!
It was all the lengthy explaining of the technical details that I found so fascinating.
I learnt something new everyday.
I also discovered that there must have been a hole in the proverbial bucket too!

nb piston broke said...

Im going to have a grizle now