Monday, 9 December 2013


IMG_5129 LB 176   IMG_5130 Grants lock   IMG_5132 equipment checker

On our run up to Banbury the sky turned from blue to grey once more, but we didn’t have any rain, lucky us eh? Grants Lock was our last one before arriving at the Morrison’s mooring B168. En-route we encountered this chap who was checking all the lock gear/gates and lift bridges, tapping the results into the device seen dangling in his hand.

IMG_5133   IMG_5134   IMG_5136 B168 Morrisons

Saturday the Charter market was in full swing as we went walkabout round town. The smell of food cooking wafted all around us and everyone seemed to be snacking on something. We trundled up to Wspoons for lunch and bought a few Christmas spirits, in bottles! We were up early next morning and on drawing the curtains a fisherman had already set up his gear in front of our boat, 

IMG_5137 Banbury services IMG_5139 IMG_5140 Bourton Lock

After pausing at the services for  a while we passed through the lock and under the lift bridge. There are great plans to erect a large glass canopy across the canal here, build an Hotel and Cinema complex, eateries etc, over some of the 1,200 car parking spaces. Where’s the sense in cutting parking space. more to the point there may be less boat moorings too. Have a look at the artists impression here 

We were lucky again today as we were ahead of another boat and all the locks were in our favour. oh and the sun came out too, perfick!

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