Sunday, 1 December 2013

Hair today, gone tomorrow!

When I go to the hairdressers, after they have finished cutting and drying my hair, they show me the back view in a mirror and it looks perfect. I want it to always look good from the front too. Unfortunately my hair grows more thickly at the back, but is rather thin at the front. Now I have got a hairdryer/curling thingy I am experimenting on getting my hair as I like it. Trouble is it is so fine when I step outside the slightest puff of wind ruins the look. Oh well, i can always hide it under my hat, problem solved!

Men tend to lose some of their hair on their head as they get older, but gain more on their bodies. So I have the job of trimming the Cabin Boys hair and his beard with an electric trimmer, then plucking his ears. Of course I have to pay for my haircut, but his is all done for free. So you would think he would take me out more often and treat me to lunch wouldn’t you? After much persuasion I sometimes succeed in dragging him out where I enjoy eating food that I don’t have to prepare. I sometimes wonder if men ever enjoy their food as they rarely express their appreciation. Except for my Shepherds Pie and homemade cake, I suppose! Roll on the future when we maybe able to put three pills on their plate, with a drink!



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