Saturday, 7 December 2013


IMG_5100 IMG_5105 Shoot IMG_5106 Aynho Lock

What a difference a day makes, the gale force gusting winds had dropped overnight thankfully! We awoke this morning to look out of the cratch to find a Cock Pheasant there peering at us. We untied Oakfield and set off to just past Aynho Wharf where there were beaters and men with shotguns on a ‘shoot’ in the field adjoining the canal. The green wellie brigade  gazed at us as we went through Anyho Lock and under the bridge.

IMG_5107 IMG_5110 IMG_5111

The River Cherwell was in the green, so full speed ahead to Nell Bridge Lock and on past the Farm Shop to Kings Sutton Lock.

IMG_5114  IMG_5115  IMG_5113  IMG_5119 

This lovely canal side dwelling is in a nice quiet spot, en-route we picked up this ‘I’m very strong’ Sainsbury's bag chopped up by us, which came off the prop easily with a little gentle persuasion.

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