Friday, 20 December 2013


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First to leave us was Derwent 6, then in the afternoon Maffi was off too. There was plenty of water overflowing the bottom gates at Braunston Locks, We fished Mary’s windlass out of the second lock first go!.

IMG_5238          IMG_5239

All the locks were against us, but even so we made it in good time to the top for tea on the Milly M, Molly was quite exhausted after all that hard work and was soon curled up in her bed snoring!


Mary P said...

Thanks for finding my windlass I stupidly dropped. Still it provided a game for you! My daughter was also very pleased you recovered it! x

Anonymous said...

Just to add, it wasn't my windlass! So we went fishing, and I found my own. Thanks for the Christmas pressie of a spare one!

Wozie said...

Always glad to help Mary, it's good to keep a spare one handy!