Wednesday, 11 December 2013


IMG_5152 Plantation Row       IMG_5158       IMG_5156

Another early start today after I’d taken the recycling over and bought milk from the Spar, at Bridge Stores.

IMG_5157 IMG_5163 IMG_5166

We were doing nine locks today so I had an egg sandwich for breakfast. The sun slowly revealed itself on this special day for the Cabin Boy, but it was too chilly for him to be wearing his Birthday suit though! We saw yet another sunken boat which wasn’t there two weeks ago when we came down. What a shame.

IMG_5168       IMG_5170 Forge Farm       IMG_5172

The locks were mostly in our favour, we met a C&RT workboat and one other on the move, ‘Matilda Rose’! (Not the one that has a blog though) Then we passed Forge Farm at Cluttercote, with it’s wind driven water pump still standing intact in the field.

IMG_5173       IMG_5176 Claydon toplock      IMG_5177

A bit of heavy pruning had been done along the towpath, then we reached Claydon Top Lock, our last one. We moored a bit further on in one of our favourite spots and collapsed in a gert heap with a cup of tea..

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