Saturday, 21 December 2013


IMG_5242 Braunston  IMG_5247  IMG_5250

We pootled along to the Stop House for water etc, not many boats along this section of the canal. Just after we disconnected the hose and stowed it away another boat was waiting to fill up. However we both had to wait for this boat with a shed on the back to pass and slowly turn around and come back past us. Then we were off and we could see up on the bank that the gales had brought down half of this magnificent tree..

IMG_5248 IMG_5249 IMG_4831

When I had spoken earlier to the chap on nb Hephzibah he told me they very often get hit by boats turning or negotiating the marina entrance. Once they were hit so hard their drinks fell off the table, amazing! Gongoozlers Rest was busy with customers aboard when I bought some of their delicious cake to take-away. I collected the December Towpath Talk from the Stop House and had a chat with Jenni who volunteers to run the office, she also has her own boat.

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