Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Market Drayton.

  IMG_3621 Old CornmillWarehouse                               IMG_3620

We descended down the five Tyrley Locks in drizzly rain but it had brightened up by the time we moored up in Market Drayton. The Old Corn Mill makes lovely canal side residences with it’s intricately cast vent still intact.

  IMG_3613 Market Drayton        IMG_3614 Hippodrome        IMG_3618

These nicely painted black and white mile markers stand at intervals along the towpath. We strolled into town and had a good look around, there are many small shops, including several charity shops, a few empty ones too, an Asda and Morrison’s. We went into Wetherspoon’s  Hippodrome for coffee as it was quite a long walk back to the canal. The poster inside the old cinema was advertising, ‘Those magnificent men in their Flying Machines and Born Free,’ but it didn’t say which year that was. The C&RT sign informs boaters ‘Overnight mooring only, except Tuesday and Wednesday pre-market days, when daytime mooring is permitted! Please respect moorers opposite.’ Well that’s a shame as half the permanent finger moorings on the offside were empty and some boats were moored on the towpath there over the weekend anyway.

 IMG_3615  IMG_3616 Tudor House Hotel Cheshire St.  IMG_3617 Salopian Inn

There were several lovely old timber-framed Inns which we stopped to admire. We were waiting for a small parcel to arrive Poste-restante containing a replacement thermostat for our freezer. This promptly arrived then, away we went.

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