Thursday, 25 July 2013

Saturday Rush.

          IMG_3766                  IMG_3769

Hooray, Thursday we had landed on a rare fourteen day mooring, so we decided to stay put until Monday. Usually we try to avoid travelling over the weekends anyway. This turned out to be a very wise decision as on Saturday boats began queuing below the lock before 9am continuing right up until 9pm! We sat out on the towpath enjoying the sunshine and chatting to boaters as they slowly crept up the queue. Reckoning on about four boats going up the lock every hour at least 48 went up and almost as many came down. People were sitting on chairs holding their ropes, cleaning their boat and having tea whilst hanging around. It was a good job that Oakfield was securely nailed to the towpath on substantial old pointed pin I fished out of the canal with our magnet! So what boats were moving in such great numbers, some from the marinas giving their boats a run up to the pub for lunch, live-aboards, share boats and hire boats. After all the school holidays are now in full swing aren’t they?

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