Sunday, 30 June 2013

To Tyrley.

IMG_3604 Norbury IMG_3608 IMG_3611

After a couple of lovely sunny days spent painting, reclining on the bank reading and eating Strawberries and Cream, our time was up. I also managed to get the boat washed all over with Autoglim Shampoo before the sun got too hot. We left early at 8am so that we could moor up at Tyrley before the rain set in. We think this is one of the many volunteers who keep the ‘Shropie’ in such good order. He spent the previous day painting the other water tap and the picnic benches around the basin. As we cruised along the bridges seemed to get higher! You can see the scale of them by the boats that are approaching underneath. It is so narrow through Grub Street and Woodseaves Cuttings.  One clever boater kindly waited in a wide part for us to slowly edge past him.

IMG_3609 IMG_3607 IMG_3605

Along the way we saw a nice old car hiding in the woodland, also a guard cat, and dog keeping watch from their boats.  A freak little gust of wind blew the steerer’s Tilly hat off, plop into the canal. Luckily the chap on the following boat saw what happened and managed to scoop it up and hand it over as he overtook us, phew! Even though our journey was delayed by passing many permanently moored boats on tick-over, we managed to get tied up above the locks at Tyrley before the rain started, luvly jubbly!

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