Saturday, 20 July 2013

Chester Cathedral.

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We entered by the cloisters at 9.15 and proceeded to walk around, a lady then told us to have a look in the cathedral first as there was a service at 10am. So off we went, only to be stopped by an old chap who asked me if I was attending their service. To which I said, no because I wasn’t dressed appropriately wearing my shorts. He held up his hands and said, you cannot come in then , what a brilliant welcome we thought! Anyway we looked around a side chapel and happened to wander into the altar, east window area for a quick peep. This chap didn’t like that and rushed past me and shut the door behind me, Ah well, we are all equal, but some are more equal to others, or so they think!

   IMG_3735 IMG_3734 IMG_3736

These were my three favourite pieces of stained glass!

We very much enjoyed looking at the stained glass windows and listening to the choir practising as we did so, but because we were treated as riff-raff, we didn’t put a donation in their big moneybox. The two pictures top right are entitled ‘The Circumcision Jan 1st’ and ‘Epiphany Jan 6th’. I thought they were unusual because I don’t remember seeing stained glass of these subjects anywhere else.

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