Thursday, 25 July 2013

Billinge Flash.

IMG_3789 Middlewich IMG_3790 Wardle Lock IMG_3783 Wardle Lock Middlewich

There are many bridges crossing the last stretch of the Middlewich Arm providing access to a choice of routes into town . Opposite Wardle Lock Cottage an information plaque has been installed to Maureen Shaw ( 1934-2012 ) who used to live there. She spent the first part of her life with a family on a working boats and could not read or write. She later married and lived in this cottage where she chatted to passing boaters and made many friends. If you double click on the image you can read her interesting life story.

IMG_3791 Middlewich Junction IMG_3792 IMG_3793 in BIG LOCK

Here you can see Oakfield emerging  from the junction bridge to turn sharp left, then on down three wide-beam locks. As we came out of the bottom lock, this little boat with a single lady steerer was waiting to enter, so I helped her go through. BIG LOCK was next  with the pub of the same name beside it and a row of newish houses. Once through we pulled in and I had a shower while we filled our water tank. Still sunny, but pleasantly cooler than it has been, we cruised on to moor at Billinge Flash. There were many salt mines hereabouts which have left some subsidence and wide stretches of water known as ‘flashes’.

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