Monday, 15 July 2013


IMG_3749 Cheshire Farm icecream IMG_3754 Kuni IMG_3747

We made it back up the five locks to moor at Tatenhall where we had moored on our way up. When I went wandering, I found a footpath with a plank bridge over a ditch which led along the edge of the marina field, over the railway and on to Cheshire Farm. Their car park was almost full, so it seemed a very popular place for families to visit. Entry was free and there was plenty of  things  to entertain the children, including watching the cows being milked. The milk is then transformed into ice-cream of many different flavours for sale in their Ice-cream Parlour/Cafe/Gift Shop. The chocolate one was superb and I ate it while wandering around the animal enclosures. I think this was a Kuni-Kuni pig with her piglets who were frolicking about nudging each other, then collapsing in the hay for a rest.

IMG_3757 Alpaca IMG_3755 IMG_3760

This seemed to be a mixture of Camel, Llama, long-legged Sheep, but it was an Alpaca that had already been shorn. There were also Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chickens etc and a Donkey who seemed rather bored with it all, yawning. What a great idea to allow customers into enjoy the farmyard and sell loads of ice-cream produced at source!

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