Thursday, 18 July 2013


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Lining the streets there are many old black and white timber framed buildings some with beautifully carved details adorning them.

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On Saturday the whole city centre was so busy we could hardly move or get any photos without people getting in the way. Many men were wearing suits and the women were in their best togs tottering about in their high heel shoes, heavy make-up with fascinators in the coiffured hair. We wondered what was going on and found out later that it was horseracing day.  All the pubs, restaurants and cafes  were heaving, so we returned to Oakfield  to have our snack and chill out with a drink. There was a continual flow of folks walking/cycling/jogging along the towpath too. We went to bed about 10pm, but were up again at 12.30am as a couple of young lads decided to very quietly untie the ropes on the stern. We surprised the one on the boat with the sudden opening of our rear hatch and he jumped off and they ran away, stupid boys!

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