Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Hack Green Locks.

   IMG_3648                           IMG_3651

The cows came over to drink the canal water mornings and evenings while we were at Coole Pilate. One adventurous one waded right in to cool it’s bits. We enjoyed our time here as seats, picnic tables and barbeque facilities have thoughtfully been provided by The Shroppie volunteers. Being a popular mooring spot it was soon full of moored boats. Boats were also continuously passing us in both directions. I think the lovely weather had brought them out of Overwater Marina for the weekend. One lady boater told me that’s where they were from and they would be dropping down the two Hack Green’s locks to wind and return there by Sunday evening. How did we know that so many came out to do this, they had a marina poster in their windows and they all knew each other!

  IMG_3654 Hack Green Locks                            IMG_3656

On Monday it was our turn to do these locks and some refurbishment was going on there. Luckily our passage was made easy by exchanging locks with two boats heading south. After the early morning mist evapourated you can see by the clear blue sky that the morning was beginning to warm up. You could play noughts and crosses on those vapour trails couldn’t you?

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