Saturday, 13 July 2013


   IMG_3657 Nantwich The Cheshire Cat                           IMG_3659

The Cheshire Cat Restaurant.

Moorings are always in demand at Nantwich, but as we had left early again we found there were two available, perfick! Our first day was spent traipsing the two mile round trip to Morrison’s taking the two trolleys with us. It was too hot for rucksacks or for carrying any bags anyway. The rest of the day was spent cooling off and relaxing and catching up with reading and writing our blogs. It also takes quite a while to load and sort through my photos, deleting all the unwanted ones.

   IMG_3673             IMG_3660

Opposite our mooring was the marina Wharf with their day boat moored alongside. This could be hired for £99 per day, not too bad if you share the cost between ten people I suppose. It’s nice to see prices prominently displayed and just what they provide, they seemed to be kept very busy anyway. The next day I walked into town to peruse the charity shops for new reading material. There are a nice selection of small individual shops, with flower gardens and tall trees outside the church. needless to say many people were resting and lunching on the benches in the shade of the trees.

    IMG_3658              IMG_3668 B

A Thrush serenaded us mornings and evenings, singing it’s loudest from the top of a Fir tree. We were also fascinated by this boat that had metal covers over all the windows, bars across the doors and metal ropes around the mooring rings, all secured with large padlocks. A notice in the window informs that the boat is “protected by police direct alarm system”. Makes you wonder why really, and the name of the boat, “Narrow Minded”

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