Saturday, 6 July 2013


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On reaching the top of the Audlum Locks we dropped down two and pulled in to moor, just as Osiris was leaving. The last couple of times we saw this boat it was down on the Sharpness Canal and being put up for sale. I chatted to new owner Vaughan after he had bought it and was bringing it up the locks from Whilton Marine. This was their first long trip out of their marina on her, so we wished them luck as they get to know her.

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It was then that the heat wave hit us and it was time for some to lunch out on the deck, that’s the way to do it! The cabin boy was miserable because he had hay-fever for the first time in years and stayed inside Oakfield. So it was up to me to trudge down the locks to the Co-op for supplies and to Boots for some pills for him. The mooring wasn’t as quiet as we had anticipated as Police helicopters seemed to be continually flying over us. We thought maybe they had a training base nearby.

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