Wednesday, 24 July 2013


  IMG_3762 at Calveley                        IMG_3761 Calveley

We paused at Beeston Wharf for a coffee break, I read on the notice board there that the small hills nearby were built to hide the ‘Pluto Tanks’ beneath. These stored fuel which was piped under the sea to France in 1944.  Quite amazing really, anyway you could Google it to find out more if you are interested. There were many permanent and continuous cruisers boats moored around Calveley where we stopped. I was quite amused to find this sign outside the farm cottage, very appropriate! Everyone was sitting out on the towpath in the shade of the hedge and we got chatting to many of them. Back on board in the evening our boat was invaded by house flies. I found that they could be herded out by flicking them with my little dusting mop, down the boat and out at the back. When we cruised off waving goodbye it seems that there must have been a mass hatching out as everyone said ‘did you have flies indoors last night?’

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