Sunday, 25 September 2011


IMG_0012 Old Gaol

On arrival we went to explore the village passing the Old Gaol which is on the way. It has been beautifully restored and is now used for The Penkridge Heritage Centre. 

IMG_0013 Penkridge Heritage Centre   IMG_0010 Penkridge

This is one of the little cottages which survives in it’s original condition. As we walked by we were being watched from the window by a Golden Retriever reclining over the back of a sofa. There is a Co-op and a variety of useful small shops, the busiest one being Jasper’s the Bakers.

IMG_0011 The White Hart

Friday we caught the bus opposite the White Hart and went into Stafford for the day. On Saturday there was a very large outdoor market selling just about everything. I bought a book on The Thames and Severn Canal by David Verey at a much reduced price! What a wonderful way to spend a warm sunny day while Bottle stayed on the boat.

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