Monday, 5 September 2011


We passed through Minsull Lock with one of the prettiest cottage gardens we have seen. Arriving at Nantwich we cruised past the enormous Horse Sculpture made from oak and iron.

IMG_0010 Minshull Lock Cottage    IMG_0012

It is quite a long walk from the canal down Welsh Row and over the River Weaver into the town. I liked the Malthouse with it’s quaint windows which protruded out and were all supported by tiny wooden brackets.

IMG_0013 MalthouseOpposite it I spotted  this nice little cottage which was undergoing some restoration work.

IMG_00129Cottage restoration Welsh Row 

A stroll around the town revealed a variety of black and white timber/red brick houses, pubs, cafes and shops. There are 250  little specialist shops in fact and a market too. The town suffered a great fire in 1583 after which many of the old buildings were re-built. As well as being a ‘salt’ town the area was known for cheese making, shoemaking and it’s clock makers.

IMG_0016 Black Lion    IMG_0018 Widows Almshouses

The Black Lion Inn stands opposite the Widows Almshouses, now The Cheshire Cat, also in Welsh Row on the way into town. The well worn sandstone mounting block is on the right.

IMG_0019 Crown Hotel    IMG_0022 Queens Aid House  b1584

On the right of the High Street is The Crown Hotel and further up on the left is Queen’s Aide House. Rebuilt after the 1853 fire with help from Queen Elizabeth 1st.

IMG_0023    IMG_0025 Clock made in Nantwich

Looking along the narrow cobbled Castle Street the side of The Bookshop shows the upper story overhang, or jetty. This is one of several locally made clocks to be found in the Museum in Pillory Street. I liked this particular one with its colourful painted dial surround.

IMG_0020 Nantwich Bookshop b1854 after great fire.Here is the bustling Bookshop  and Coffee Lounge which was rebuilt in 1854 overlooking Town Square. There is a convenient Morrison's Supermarket just on the edge of town too.

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